Spring IS Coming…..Someday!

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As we venture out a few times a day to un-freeze water containers, collect eggs before they freeze, and give our beloved animals a pep talk, we long for the warmer days to come.  Thankfully the animals have weathered the snow and ice with patience and grace.





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Our faithful laying hens stay close to their egg mobiles, no doubt dreaming of vegetation and bugs buried deep beneath the ice and snow.  We have to wait for the snow to melt before we can move them to a new section of pasture. Nevertheless, their egg production has remained strong and steady.029 (5)




The cows, sheep, and pigs tread gingerly on the slippery ground, and seem content just to bed down and wait out the winter.  We have also been content to have down time this winter for catching up on family time, book work, school work, reading, and projects.  Each season does have its own unique blessings!



Before the snow, they were feasting on acorns, and tubers in the woods.  Right now they are eating non-GMO grain, stored hay, fruits and veggies. We are excited to taste pasture raised pork and make it available to our local community. Contact us today to reserve your whole or half pork.  For more information, please see our Pasture Raised Pork page.

Harvesting acorns for our pigs