Pasture Raised Poultry

Spring/Summer/Fall 2017

Four-week-old broilers are moved into our “chicken tractors” and moved daily onto fresh clean pasture.














Our Cornish Cross Broiler Chickens are humanely-raised in our bottomless chicken pens.  They are moved to fresh, chemical free pasture at least once a day where they get plenty of fresh air and sunshine and can forage for vegetation and bugs. They are also fed verified non-GMO feed ration with organic sea kelp. They are not given any hormones,  antibiotics, or any chemicals. When they are 8 weeks old, these broilers are humanely-harvested, butchered, chilled for 48 hours and then frozen. Our chicken is packaged in shrink wrapped bags to protect the meat from freezer burn.  The result is a delicious, meat that is good for you!


We highly encourage you to reserve your 2018 chicken ahead of time by making a minimum deposit of $100. This up front investment allows us to to purchase grain, supplements, and the chicks. The advantage for you is that you will receive a 5% discount on your chicken until your deposit is used up. Deposits will be loaded onto a Peak View Farm gift card that you keep with you.  Before your deposit is used up, you have the option of adding to your gift card, allowing you to continue receiving the 5% discount. Once your deposit runs out, you can still purchase chicken, but it will be at full price.


*We plan to butcher 6 groups of broilers this year, once per month, May – October.  Quantities may change, depending on this year’s demand. Please contact us as soon as possible to reserve some broiler chickens for your freezer.


Whole chicken– $4.49/lb


Whole chicken ( cut up)-$4.79/lb –

Boneless, skinless breast-$11.99/lb


Chicken breast tenders-$12.99/lb

Leg Quarters -$4.69/lb


Liver (approximately in 1/lb bags)-$4.29/lb


Our pasture raised chicken is ready to be seasoned and baked...Yum!
Legs, Thighs & Wings ready to be seasoned and baked…Yum!

(approximately in 1/lb bags)- $4.29/lb

Chicken Stock bags (2-3 chicken backs per bag and around 3-4 lbs total weight)- $3.29/lb

  • Chicken stock bags will yield about 3 quarts of delicious healthy bone broth. (See our recipe page for instructions.)

**Fresh whole chicken will be available for pick-up on the farm 1 day after butchering. After 2 days, chicken will be available frozen.

Please call, text, or email us for current availability. Thank You! 

(417) 741-1075

**prices are subject to change without notice*


2 thoughts on “Pasture Raised Poultry

    Deanna said:
    September 24, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    do you feed soy to your chickens? thank you

    74KCoulter responded:
    March 4, 2017 at 1:03 am

    Yes, non-GMO soy is part of our chickens’ feed ration.

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