Pasture Raised Lamb


During the growing season, our Katahdin sheep are moved everyday to fresh, chemical-free pasture where they can find their favorite vegetation to eat.  In the cold months, they continue to graze on winter forage and are supplemented with chemical-free hay. To help them maintain good health, our sheep are provided with natural free choice minerals and organic sea kelp.  They also get their favorite treat, blackstrap molasses.  They are not given any grain, hormones,  antibiotics, or any chemicals.IMG_9741IMG_9746

Our lambs are butchered between 8 and 12 months old at a USDA inspected, Animal Welfare Approved facility and produce delicious, tender meat.

Our 2018 lambs will be butchered in late November. Quantities are very limited, as out lamb cuts tend to sell out quickly.

To order your frozen lamb cuts or inquire about a whole/half lamb please contact us at 417-741-1075.










Lamb Pricing:

Whole or Half Lamb – $8.99/lb (Based on Hanging Weight. Requires a $100 deposit prior to butcher date. We deliver your lamb to our butcher, you specify your desired cuts, and pay the butcher fees when you pick up your frozen packaged meat. )

Leg of Lamb, bone -in  – $10.59/lb

Lamb Shoulder Roast – 9.59/lb

Lamb Shanks – $9.99/lb

Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops – $16.49/lb

Lamb Ribs – $8.99/lb

Ground Lamb – $9.99/lb

Lamb Liver, Heart, Kidney – $6.99/lb

Please contact us for availability, as we have a limited quantity.

*all prices are subject to change without notice*


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