Save 5% on meat & eggs!

IMG_9649If you’re a fan of our delicious and healthy meat and eggs and would like to start saving 5% on your orders, join our preferred customer program by making a $100 deposit (cash or local check).

This up front investment allows us to to purchase grain, supplements, and take care of our animals’ daily needs.

The advantage for you is that you will receive a 5% discount on your meat and eggs until your deposit is used up, and you won’t always have to have cash on hand for your purchases with us.  You can also reserve chickens & chicken cuts before they’re butchered, which will help us plan ahead for the products you’ll be needing.

Each time you visit us at the farmer’s market or on the farm, you’ll be able to choose your products, and your total minus 5% will be deducted from your deposit balance. Before your balance is used up, you have the option of adding to your deposit, allowing you to continue receiving the 5% discount. Once your deposit runs out, you will need to make another $100 deposit to receive your 5% discount.