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“a good name is to be more desired than great wealth, favor is better than silver and gold.”

Proverbs 22:1


Our Family is Striving to:



Sustainable, humane farming methods that improve the health and quality of our soil, vegetation, and in turn, our meats.


A variety of meat products that offer our local community a healthier alternative to conventionally-raised meats.


superior customer service and a pleasant environment for our guests.


multi-generational stewardship of our natural resources (clean air, clean water, healthy plants and animals).


Our Practices:


All of our animals are humanely raised and rotated on chemical-free pastures and wooded acres, where they enjoy fresh water, fresh air, and plenty of sunshine. Our pigs and poultry are supplemented with a verified non-GMO feed ration. We give all our livestock free-choice organic sea kelp and other natural minerals to help maintain good health and avoid using medications. They are not given hormones, antibiotics, or any chemicals.

We butcher our chickens and rabbits here on the farm using humane practices to minimize stress and produce a high-quality meat. Our pork, beef and lamb are butchered at a USDA inspected, Animal Welfare Approved Facility.

On-farm pick-ups and visits are welcomed and encouraged. Please call ahead for product availability or to schedule your visit.  You can also find our products at Farmer’s Market of The Ozarks in Springfield, MO almost every Saturday year-round.

We look forward to the privilege of being your local, HEALTHY, farmers!

-The Coulter Family